CS:GO strategy and tactics

If you want to win in CS:GO, you should first learn the basics of strategy. This will help you reach the next level. You also consider csgo case to make the game more interesting.

Strategy and Tactics

Play aggressively. The attacker has an advantage, he will see the defending player’s position before he sees it. This is true in all situations, except when the attacker goes to the position of the sniper. Make people react to you. And never stand passively in place. By playing aggressively, you are forcing the game on your opponent, putting him at a disadvantage. The following rule: if your opponent knows your dislocation, you should immediately change your position or attack him. The effectiveness of this tactic is clearly demonstrated in this video. Leaving with a p250 pistol the player had no chance, having passively taken a position, to win against three armed opponents. 

Remember the basic principle of aikido: use the opponent’s movement to your advantage. Here is an example of the application of this principle in the game CS:GO. I don’t check the corner, I let you calmly step out from behind it. I’ll wait until you come out from behind the corner and start moving forward, and only then I’ll come out. When you catch your opponent on the move, you’ve already partially won the fight, and you can calmly deal with him. It’s a very important principle, to use aggression for aggression.

The defender must constantly look out/step in front of the controlled zone in order to gain an advantage on defense. This gives him a big advantage over the attacking player, and more importantly, it reduces his risk of running into pre-fire. Pre-fire – when pre-fire is fired at a possible enemy position, barely having time to come out from behind the corner. In general, the pre-fire is understood as moving and shooting in one action. If your position is known to the enemy, and you do not know how to react to pre-fire, your fate is unenviable.

Study the timing of taking positions, local skirmish spots

Each map has its own skirmish locations, these are positions that you and your opponent get to almost simultaneously. You need to know the nuances at what respawn you get to the position before the enemy, how to catch him on the aggressive game, blind with a flash grenade, etc. When you’re defending an exit from around a corner, it’s incredibly important to be in a passive position. What does that mean? To make it easier for you to understand the principle, let’s create a scenario.

You are on bombsite “A” de_dust2, controlling the exit from the zigzag. You are standing behind the crates. You don’t have to look out of the crates trying to spot someone on the zigzag. Instead, focus your sight on a point slightly to the right of the crate on the zigzag. In this case, the player from the attack will not see you until he starts moving in your direction. In this case, he will be caught off guard, and most importantly, will not shoot you with pre-fire. The passive angle requires no fuss, no peeking out of position, and no other body movements. 

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