Potency and Sex in a Man’s Life

Flawless potency makes sex vivid, magical, and unforgettable. It is important for a man to know that from an intimate connection with him his partner received the maximum satisfaction. From the understanding of this depends on self-confidence, the degree of self-esteem, the psychological mood. However, sometimes mishaps happen in bed, when the erection disappears at the most inopportune moment – during intercourse.

This situation is familiar, perhaps, to every man. If the loss of potency suddenly occurred at the moment of male duty, the main thing is not to dwell on the temporary failure. If the problems recur frequently, you can buy special medications here https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-generisk-viagra/.

Obsession about his own failure in terms of manhood generates fears and sexual complexes. Thus, at the next sexual intercourse a man begins to fear that he will suffer another fiasco. And the saddest thing is that the problems with potency develop into chronic form on the level of psychological dependence. Why the physiological mechanism of male potency suddenly “breaks” at the moment of penetration of penis into woman’s vagina? The answer to this question will be covered below.

Why does the potency disappear during sex?

Reduced potency during sex is due to a number of factors, mostly of a psychological nature.

  • The “fingerprint” of the failed sexual experience. Unsuccessful once sex “imprints” in the subconscious of the man, giving rise to sexual phobias, which lead to problems with potency.
  • Lack of confidence. Excitement during intimacy about his own body, the ability to give pleasure to his partner is a common cause of erectile dysfunction.
  • Expression of dissatisfaction with the partner. Any offensive word expressed by a woman can hurt a man’s psyche and adversely affect his sexual abilities.
  • Related pathologies. Diseases of the urogenital and endocrine systems affect the power of erection. In addition, a common cold, accompanied by general malaise, may well have a negative impact on the potency.
  • Mental and physical exhaustion. Both conditions adversely affect the nervous system, which in turn is responsible in a certain way for the function of the sexual system.
  • Lack of feelings for a woman. If a man has no feelings for the woman with whom he has sex, a drop in erection can occur at any time of intimacy.

How to overcome sexual phobias

Sexual intercourse once did not succeed? It is necessary to understand that such a phenomenon – it is normal, and far from being a tragedy. It is very important not to go to extremes, it happens to every man. If a man has become dependent on his own thoughts and is not able to cope with sexual fears, most likely you need the help of a psychologist. Better than any psychotherapist affects the disposition and support of the intimacy partner. It makes sense to look at the specialized drugs that will help men regain confidence. You can buy such drugs here https://svensktapotek.net/.