PPC for lawyers

The World Wide Web has become one of the largest advertising platforms that has ever existed. We are not talking about the fact that other advertising tools are not interesting, but the fact remains – ignoring advertising in search engines, you lose clients daily.

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is a type of Internet advertising, the essence of which is that the ads are shown only on certain requests of users, ie in the context. When a person searches for any information about goods and services on the Internet, search engines show him relevant ads. For example, a person needs to make an inheritance and he is looking for a lawyer who would solve his problem. He hits the search engine “legacy attorney” and the first three lines of the search are for contextual advertisements. Contextual advertising works by region, so shown only those ads that are geographically close to the user.

The management of large search engines have long realized the perspective and profitability of contextual advertising, so they have developed convenient services for its setting, such as “Google Adwords”. To date, the main income of these search engines is just the same with contextual advertising, so search engines are trying to make the interface simple and understandable to contextual advertising was available to a larger category of users.

Contextual advertising gives customers quickly

Of course, the biggest advantage of contextual advertising, for example, from SEO promotion is the rate of return. If you need to invest in SEO and wait at least 1 – 1.5 years for the result, if you have a new site, then law firm ppc – a quick way to show your site to potential customers. Today you have set up an advertising campaign, determined your budget and tomorrow you evaluate the results.

In order to feel the strategy of contextual advertising, you need to test. Of course, it will not be so that you have set up today and tomorrow received 1000 applications and 300 clients. It is important to understand the competition in your field of law, how many requests in your region, whether the page where the ads refer, etc. is well made. There are a lot of aspects to test, you just need to budget, test, and after receiving clients from this marketing channel.

5 major mistakes when setting up context ads

  1. Wrong key phrases. High frequency or common key phrases are used. 
  2. Bad minus-words. Minus-words are words that allow you to cut off the non targeted display of your advertising. If the search query user meets at least one of the minus-words from the list, the ad will not be shown. The minus-word can be set as for the entire campaign, and for individual ads.
  3. There are no quick links, contact information, clarifications. Quick links are links that are shown under an ad. Typically these are links that may interest the visitor: services, product categories, reviews, information about the organization, etc.
  4. Bad target page to which the advertisement refers. The target page should have the information that the user was looking for. And this information must be correctly placed on the page and be easy to read. If the user does not find an answer to his question right away, he will close the site. If you are advertising a particular service, the link should lead to this service, not the main page of the site.
  5. User request and the title of the ad do not match. Title of the ad should be as close as possible to the search phrase of the user. But to save time, sometimes make a common header for all ads. This can lead to reduced traffic, because the target audience will not go to those links that do not fit them.