If you’re shopping for a loved one who never wants to put their wanderlust on hold, consider gifting them with the ultimate travel package. With A1 Passport & Visa Services taking care of the complicated paperwork, your favorite globetrotter can focus on dreaming up their next incredible destination.

Which country is visa free?

Located conveniently on 14th Street, A1 Passport & Visa Services is an elite visa and passport expediting service. Serving clients not only within the greater Washington, DC area, but all across the country and beyond, they serve as emissaries between clients and the Department of State or the appropriate foreign consulate, taking the stress out of the often complex application process.

A Visa

Those who qualify for an A visa are diplomats, staff of embassies and consulates, other foreign government officials, and their family dependents. The visa is valid for the duration of their assignment or tour of duty in the United States. Family dependents include spouses and minor children, personal employees (domestic servants), and attendants.

Applicants are required to have a passport that is valid for travel to the United States, and must submit an official diplomatic note from their home country. The note must contain the official or government employee’s name, date of birth, position & title, duties, location of their assignment in the United States, and the anticipated length of time they will remain in the country. In addition, all A-1 and A-2 visa holders are required to register with the Department of State through their foreign employer once they enter the United States. This provides them with a personal identification number and ensures that the government is aware of any changes in status.

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