Anti Radiation Headset – Air Tube Headsets

This anti-radiation air tube headset is a great option for anyone who needs to reduce EMF exposure. It has great sound quality and a long tangle-tangle-free cord. It also has a 3.5 mm plug which is standard and allows it to be used with any gadget that has an earphone jack including most cellphones. This headset also comes with a warranty which is something that not many companies offer for their products.

The most important feature of these headsets is the fact that they have air tubes which allow them to prevent some of the EMF radiation that would normally travel up wires into your ears. Part way up the headphone wires a radiation shielded section stops and then hollow flexible tubes take over. This stops electromagnetic radiation from your phone or other device from traveling up the wires to your ear.

EMF Air Tube Headsets: Safeguarding Your Health and Connectivity

They have a gold-plated audio jack which helps to keep the connection between your phone and the headset as strong as possible. The air tubes are also made of an insulated material to help prevent the radiation from getting into your head from other electronic devices which may be plugged into the same audio jack.

Like all air tube headsets, they are not as durable as a normal wired set. If handled roughly they can get kinked or bent which is why most come with a carrying case.

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