Benefits of Working With a Construction Temporary Agency

When a construction company is able to work with a temp agency, it can find temporary employees to help them meet labor needs. These agencies can provide workers to meet project specifications and complete projects on schedule. They can also provide employees to replace lost or injured workers. They can offer a wide variety of services to contractors, including screening for background checks and drug testing. They can also provide workers with specialized knowledge in the industry and experience that matches the specific projects of the clients they serve.

Temp staffing services can benefit both companies and workers by offering a range of flexible options. Contractors can choose from temp-to-hire or direct-hire arrangements, which can save both time and money. Temp-to-hire allows a construction company to try out an employee for up to 90 days before they decide whether to make them permanent. The temp agency will usually charge an hourly rate on top of the worker’s salary to cover the cost of the temporary agency service.

Tools of the Trade: Temporary Staffing Agencies in Construction

Recruiters at construction temporary agencies can save contractors a lot of time and stress by finding candidates for vacancies quickly. This can reduce the need for reading resumes, scheduling interviews and checking references. Choosing the right temp agency can also increase the chances of getting the best candidates for permanent jobs. Staffing agencies can screen for qualifications such as education, certifications, work history and job references. They can also carry out basic interviews and short skill confirmation checks for candidates. They can also arrange payroll and administer benefits for their temporary workers.

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