Breathwork Training

As a professional in the health and wellness space, it’s likely that you’ve seen the impact of Breath Masters techniques, whether through yoga, meditation or breathwork itself. If you’re ready to deepen your knowledge of these tools and apply them to a client-facing setting, then breathwork training is the right choice for you.

This course offers an in-depth, immersive experience to learn the basics of breathing as a therapeutic modality and prepares you to become a certified breathwork facilitator. Through a combination of online learning and an in-person, week-long experience, this program will equip you with the skills to facilitate breathwork sessions with confidence.

How Breathwork Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

During the course, you’ll gain an understanding of the various breathwork techniques and their therapeutic benefits, while also engaging in personal inner work exercises that foster profound self-awareness and emotional release. The training is renowned for its holistic approach and the sense of community it creates amongst participants.

The training was very clear, logical & easy to follow. I loved the relevance of the anatomy sessions & Yann’s approach to teaching was calm, clear & effective. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone!

This book teaches you the full spectrum of breathing techniques, from those used by Sufi meditators to those employed by US Navy SEALs. By teaching you how to use your breathing to regulate the nervous system, it will allow you to improve mental and physical performance and achieve long-term health and well-being.

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