Trees add beauty to our landscapes, provide shade and shelter from the sun, and enhance curb appeal. But trees that are overgrown may pose safety risks to people or damage property. Overgrown trees also require more frequent pruning, a service performed by licensed and insured professionals. Professional tree Asheville tree trimming helps maintain the health of a tree, as well as improve its aesthetics and increase property value.

How do you top a money tree?

Tree trimming services include removing dead branches, water sprouts, suckers and other low-growing branches. In addition, the experts trim or shape a tree’s crown to promote air circulation, reduce stress, prevent mold growth and remove overcrowding. They are trained to assess the health and condition of a tree, identify hazards and determine the best course of action for each situation.

Asheville’s enviable climate encourages the growth of many fruit trees, including apple, fig, sour cherry and pear. But these trees can be susceptible to pests and diseases, such as hemlock woolly adelgid and sudden oak death, which can kill or significantly reduce their value.

Established in 2010, Smart Feller Tree Works offers tree planting, trimming and removal. Its team provides tree care services based on arboriculture and permaculture techniques that preserve plant root systems and soil quality. In addition, the company offers construction site planning and landscape design to encourage long-term tree health. In addition to trimming, it also provides pruning and stump grinding services. Customers have praised the company for its customer-focused approach.

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