Custom Die Cut Vinyl Stickers

custom die cut vinyl stickers

Custom die cut vinyl stickers are printed with your artwork and carefully cut to shape. They’re great for distinguishing your products or as freebies that you can give away at events to attract customers.

Custom die cut vinyl stickers | Vinyl Status are printed in full color and come in a range of finishes including matte, glossy, and gloss lamination. The matte finish is ideal for a more subtle look that will blend in well with any surface, while the glossy option makes your sticker stand out and really pop!

Design Your Stickers Online

The process of designing your custom die cut vinyl stickers is a simple one. You can upload your file directly to our site or you can use our design tool to create a design. We also offer templates you can download to get started.

Creating Custom Die Cut Vinyl Stickers: Tips, Ideas, and Inspiration for Personalizing Your Space

There are two popular sticker options to choose from, both of which will print your design in full color. The main difference between these two sticker options is that a “Die Cut” will laser cut completely through the backing, while a “Kiss Cut” only cuts through the vinyl decal and not the backing material.

A “Kiss Cut” can be useful for smaller designs that you want to apply to a surface with minimal cutting. They also have extra backing paper around the edge of the sticker, so it’s easy to peel off and apply.

Regardless of which type of sticker option you choose, all of our stickers are digitally printed on durable white polypropylene for a high-quality product that will stick to just about any surface. We also offer a laminated version that adds extra protection against water, scratches, and sunlight.

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