How AI-Powered Intelligent Merchandising Makes Retailing Easier

In a retail world where staff shortages and overwork are common, AI-powered solutions are making marketers’ lives easier. AI-powered intelligent merchandising automates tedious tasks and frees up time so that merchandisers can focus on what matters most. With the right e-commerce AI, smarter merchandising ensures that products are placed in front of shoppers when and where they are most likely to buy.

Whether in search results, Maximizing Intelligent Merchandising, product galleries or product pages, effective smart merchandising automatically takes into account past, present, and future merchandising plans. This enables retailers to accurately track the impact of all new activities like prices, promotions or adverts in real-time.

Intelligent Merchandising in E-Commerce: Case Studies and Best Practices

Product recommendations leverage shoppers’ shopping and purchase histories to deliver personalized offers based on what they want and need. This leads to higher cross-selling and upselling opportunities that increase order values. AI-powered visual merchandising optimizes and learns over time, enabling marketers to quickly capture insights on customer responses and optimize for key metrics like clicks, add-to-carts and purchases.

Maintaining the right inventory level is one of the most challenging tasks for merchandise planners. Gen AI-powered retail solutions centralize demand forecasting and replenishment data to help reduce out-of-stock situations.

Smarter field merchandising lightens the decision burden for field reps to free them up to focus on the more hands-on task of capturing shelf conditions upon arrival. For example, Best Shelf Action uses AI to automatically identify the most important product details, like size, style and color – and suggests the most relevant product for each shelf.

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