How to Change Time Zone on Apple Watch

If you need to change the time zone on your Apple Watch, there are two ways to do it. You can either use your iPhone to set the time zone on your Apple Watch, or you can change it on your Apple Watch itself. In the latter case, you need to switch off the “Set Automatically” setting.

Can Apple Watch show different time zones?

First, you can use the “GMT” face, which displays your local time on the inner part of the watch face and the time in another time zone on the outer ring. Just tap the change time zone on apple watch, and the outer ring will show the time in the selected area. With newer versions of the watch software, you can also use the “World Time” face, which can reveal the time in all 24 time zones around the world.

If your Apple Watch is not displaying the correct time after changing time zone, you can use the “Settings” app to update it. Using this app, you can also change the date and time on your Apple Watch. Once you have updated the time on your watch, you can reconnect it to your iPhone and set a new time zone.

Before you can manually change the time on your Apple Watch, you must reset your iPhone. Make sure you have the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS. You can turn on the “Set Automatically” option in Settings > General > Date & Time. After this, restart your iPhone and paired Apple Watch.

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