An Insulation Contractor provides insulation solutions for homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. They install batt, roll and blown-in insulation materials, either for new construction or retrofit applications. They may also line and cover structures with batting, spray-on foam, or other insulating materials. State regulations usually require that residential and commercial insulation contractors be licensed.

The best insulation contractors have many years of experience in the industry and are familiar with all types of insulating products and installation methods. They will offer advice on the type of insulation you should use, based on your specific home and budget requirements. They should also be able to explain the pros and cons of different insulation products on the market.

Home Comfort Heroes: The Vital Role of Your Insulation Contractor

You can find a good contractor by checking local listings or asking your utility company for a list of reputable insulation contractors. You can also ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Before hiring a contractor, be sure to check his insurance coverage and certifications. He should carry liability insurance and be a member of ICAA, or the Insulation Contractors Association of America.

Before hiring an insulation contractor, make sure they provide a written estimate that includes the total job cost and timeline. In addition, you should inspect the completed work to ensure that the correct amount of insulation was installed and that the contractor followed all building codes and guidelines. If you are not satisfied with the work, you should ask the contractor to come back and fix the problem.

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