IPQS Phone Number Validator API

IPQS phone number validator

Phone Number Validator

Improve user data and increase lead quality by detecting disconnected phone numbers. The IPQS phone validation API performs carrier lookups for landline and cellular numbers worldwide to verify active status and line type while enriching the number with identity and fraud data. Additionally, IPQS offers a real-time risk score for each number that estimates the likelihood of fraud or recent abuse.

Checking the validity of a IPQS phone number validator is critical for businesses that depend on the delivery of important messages, customer service support, and transactional verifications to their business. To validate the authenticity of a phone number, most companies perform a basic or advanced telephone number lookup to discover whether the contact is reachable and has an active service connection.

Enhance Data Integrity: Exploring the Power of IPQS Phone Number Validator

Typically, the lookup is a simple ping to a carrier’s network that retrieves the subscriber’s name, address, active status and the line type of the phone number. Some of these services also maintain reputation data to identify suspicious numbers associated with fraud or spam.

While there are many phone validation APIs on the market, IPQS offers a rich set of real-time verifications for both landline and cellular phone numbers. This includes a risk score that estimates the likelihood of fraud and recently abusive activity, as well as country of origin and carrier information such as if the phone number is disconnected, a mobile or cellular, toll-free, virtual (VOIP), and more. IPQS also performs a reverse phone lookup to reveal who owns a phone number. This allows you to build a more complete picture of a customer or prospect including their email address and other information.

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