Laser Tattoo Removal – What You Need to Know

Laser Tattoo Removal is a procedure that uses a laser to break down the ink particles of your tattoo. Then your body’s natural cleansing process removes the particles over time, so your tattoo gradually fades and eventually disappears. Your tattoo color plays a role in how many treatments you will need; black is the easiest to remove while green can take more treatment sessions. URL

Your skin type plays a role in how many treatment sessions you will need as well. If you have more melanin in your skin, it will absorb more of the laser energy and may require extra treatment sessions. Your age and the size of your tattoo also play a role. Older tattoos that have faded will be easier to treat than newer tattoos because the ink particles are larger and easier for the laser to break down.

Erasing the Past: The Journey of Laser Tattoo Removal

The gold standard laser used for tattoo removal is called a Q-switched laser. This type of laser delivers energy in short pulses that are absorbed by the tattoo pigment but not the surrounding tissue. The laser’s energy shatters the ink pigment into tiny pieces, which your body’s filtration system can carry away over time.

There are other methods for removing an unwanted tattoo, but they can be more painful and leave scarring. These include dermabrasion, which involves actually sanding the top layers of skin, and excision, cutting the area of the tattoo and then sewing it back together. Only a dermatologist has the medical training to consider your overall health and the state of your skin when considering tattoo removal.

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