lock picking toolslock picking tools  are the most common tool used by lockpickers and come in a large variety. Many have specialized functions that make them particularly effective for certain types of locks, but the most basic tool set is generally enough to get a beginner started. This is usually comprised of a few picks, rakes, and tension tools, along with a case to keep the pieces in while picking.

Small hooks are designed to lift pins up one at a time and come in a range of sizes from half-round to single ball. They work great for standard pin tumblers but are not the best option for wafer locks, which have a different mechanism. Circular models are a little more unusual but also very helpful for wafer locks. These have a shape that allows them to curve around pin stacks and gently lift them up. They are available in half-diamond, regular round, and half-snowmen options, with each one providing a slightly different function.

An In-Depth Guide to Lock Picking Tools: Types, Techniques, and Ethics

There are a number of rakes available as well, including the Bogota, which is an incredibly effective choice for pin cylinders. These have triple peaks that stimulate each pin (except the rearmost ones) thrice with each glide, increasing the likelihood of setting them. They are available in a variety of lengths, and are also often combined with hooks in options like the small diamond hook.

Lastly, there are tension tools, which are thin flat pieces of metal, usually shaped like an L or a Z, and are inserted into the keyway to exert slight rotational pressure on the lock’s core (sometimes called the ‘plug’). They’re especially useful for locks with narrow keyways.

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