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For some home owners, it simply isn’t possible to fit new uPVC flush windows in their existing timber sash frames. This could be because their property is listed or in a conservation area where strict rules dictate what can and cannot be done to the external appearance of a building. In these instances, secondary glazing is the perfect solution.

Providing the benefits of thermal and secondary glazing near me efficiency, it reduces heat loss from your windows by around 65% and virtually eliminates condensation in your home. It also cuts noise pollution from outside and saves you money on your energy bills – and it can be fitted to any existing single or double-glazed window.

This process involves the precision installation of a secondary pane of glass or Perspex on the inside of your existing window frame. This can be tacked or glued into place to allow the original sash window to open if required, maintaining the character of the property.

Maximizing Home Comfort: How Secondary Window Glazing Can Make a Difference

We supply a range of clear acrylic sheets that are cut to size and bonded with magnets into the inside of your existing window frame. This looks like glass but is around 10 times stronger and can be shaped to fit the shape of your window. The resulting product is a discrete internal window that dramatically reduces external noise and heat loss and is available in a selection of RAL colours to suit any property.

To find the best secondary glazing near you, start by checking online reviews of local companies. These will give you a good idea of their professionalism, product quality, and customer support. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family.

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