Snow high seeds is a very passionate lover of cannabis, and not only that he breeds too. He believes that cannabis as a plant has helped mankind evolve from our earliest hunter gatherers into modern day civilizations and even on to space travel and transoceanic voyages. He also feels that cannabis is a tool for socialization, relaxation and even spirituality.

What is Kush seed?

Snow high seeds combines genetics from the sativa-leaning Snowcap to deliver impressive trichome production, with a touch of Pure Kush to boost potency and create a head-to-toe stone that melts away stress and relieves pain. The result is a calming, mood-boost that eases the muscles and mind, leaving you ready for restful sleep.

The short, 28-inch ‘Mammoth Melting’ variety produces hefty harvests of four-inch pods every two weeks from sowing and is disease-resistant. It grows best in cool spring weather and can withstand summer heat. Plant in garden beds or in patio containers and flower borders.

For the best results, pair it with the Sea of Green method of cultivation to take advantage of its compact size and short stature. This technique helps maximize trichome production and reduces the time from vegetative to flowering phases. You can also use low-stress training and topping techniques to manage growth, achieving a higher yield by reducing the amount of time it takes for the plant to reach maturity. You can even use a hydroponics set up to improve its performance by providing nutrients directly to the roots.

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