Ted’s Bio

Hi, I’m Ted Martin.

I started my computer training in the 1980s on a ZX81, which was at that time available in kit or assembled! At that time, I was a faithful reader of Hebdogiciel, a computer weekly magazine that proposed information about computers and game programs (among others) to type yourself! I might as well tell you that it teaches you basic and assembler (especially since the code was often buggy! ).

Then, I was lucky enough to be offered an Amstrad which was used as a game console and a word processor for my studies (yes, it was possible to make complete reports with this kind of machine…). At the same time, I was discovering the joys of Minitel (and my parents’ exorbitant bills).

Then came the extraordinary moment when I acquired my first PC as well as an Internet subscription (subscription by the minute via a 56k modem). Since that time, I have never been disconnected from the World Wide Web and I have always wanted to get myself involved in the world of computers.