Tennis Court Maintenance

Keeping up with Tennis Court Maintenance will help you get the most out of your surface and extend the life between resurfacing and other repairs. It is important to maintain a high level of care and regular use to keep moss, mildew and other organic growth under control.URL:

Using a soft bristled brush or broom to sweep the court regularly, especially in shady areas and corners is vital for maintaining a clean surface. Regular power washing will also help to reduce stains, abrasion and general wear and tear on the synthetic surface. Use a mild detergent solution suitable for the surface to avoid damage.

Case Studies in Tennis Court Maintenance Success Stories

An effective drainage system is an essential part of the construction and it should be regularly inspected to ensure it’s functioning correctly. This will minimize water accumulation on the court surface and prevent clogs in drains that can lead to water damage.

Removing any standing water after rainstorms is crucial – leaving pools of water on the surface can lead to staining and create an uncomfortable playing experience for players. It’s also a good idea to have your drainage system checked on a regular basis to remove any debris that may clog them.

Ideally, signs should be placed near the court explaining court rules to remind players to wear non-marking tennis shoes and to leave food, drinks and chewing gums off the court. This will also help to keep sand and dirt off the surface and prevent damage from sliding or dragging heavy equipment over it.

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