The Importance of a School Playground

When kids leave the classroom for recess, they often let their energy out on a school playground. Not only do they get some needed physical activity, but outdoor unstructured play improves kids’ concentration in the classroom and makes them smarter. Kids can focus on academic tasks for only about two to five minutes for every year they are old, so it is vital that they have an opportunity to recharge their brains through unstructured play and outdoor exercise.

Playgrounds also teach kids how to work together. They learn to respect the boundaries of their playground, share equipment and engage with peers who may be different from themselves. These skills are vital for life in the real world and can help kids succeed in social and professional situations.

Innovative Solutions: Exploring the Latest Trends in School Playground Equipment

Kids can build strength, coordination and depth perception by climbing on the playground equipment. They also practice their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while on the playground. Kids are not given many opportunities to make their own decisions and solve problems on a daily basis, so the school playground is an important place where they can practice these valuable skills.

One of the most common school playground injuries occurs when kids fall from playground equipment onto hard surfaces. This can cause broken bones, particularly in the elbow (supracondylar fracture of the humerus). To prevent these injuries, all playgrounds should have adequate and appropriate shock-absorbing surfacing that covers the entire surface. This can be a combination of loose-fill material, wood fiber rubber mulch, factory-made resilient tiles or poured-in-place safety surfaces. The surfacing should be regularly checked and restored to ensure it is at the recommended depth.

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