Unlocking Achievements: A Guide to Dominating Online Games

Unlocking Achievements: A Guide to Dominating Online Games

A gamer’s UFABET: นวัตกรรมคาสิโนชั้นนำ achievements are a record of his or her progress in the game. They are typically visible outside of the game environment and form part of an online profile for that player (a Gamertag for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles; a PSN ID for PlayStation Network games; or a Steam username for PC games using Steam’s Achievement Manager).

These online profiles are often shared through social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. They also serve as a way for gamers to compete against each other and track their own progress, motivating them to beat others’ high scores or unlock all of the game’s achievements.

Unlocking Achievements: A Guide to Dominating Online Games

While some of these achievements coincide with the inherent goals of a game, such as beating each level or finding secret power-ups, other accomplishments are independent of the gameplay. Such achievements may include completing a game in an especially fast or non-standard fashion, for example by speedrunning a title (e.g., Braid[3] and Dishonored[5]), or by not killing any enemies at all (e.g., a number of point-scoring modes in Call of Duty).

The process by which a gamer can achieve these achievements is referred to as “mastering the meta,” and requires flexibility, up-to-date knowledge of gaming mechanics and industry trends, collaboration with fellow gamers, and plenty of practice. The ability to master the meta is a key component of online gaming, and has given rise to competitive communities such as eSports teams.

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